It’s About Helping Seniors Stay At Home

Our Passion

Stay at Home Safety owner Tom Armstrong

Our goal of Stay At Home Safety is to help seniors safely stay in their homes by identifying and reporting items within and around the home that can negatively impact the safety and health of the occupants. We will do this with a knowledgeable caring Senior Home Safety Specialist, respectful assessments, concern for our clients, and most of all, assessing the home as if our parents were living there.

The idea for our Stay At Home Safety business came from doing home inspections on homes that had elderly owners and the many unsafe conditions that existed in the homes. In some cases, these unsafe conditions had contributed to the owner having to leave, due to an accident. There are many different checklists for seniors to use, but no service available to help the seniors do an assessment at their home. This concept combined with the fact that seniors want to stay in their own homes as long as possible created the company, Stay at Home Safety.

The guiding principle for the company is rooted in doing an assessment as if OUR parents were living there. We are veteran owned and adhere to the highest standards of ethics and values. Our inspectors are trained, certified and have background checks so that our clients can be certain they are safe.

As Owner and President of the company, I am a graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point. The values instilled in me, have guided me and this company to be of continued service to my community.

I hope that we can help you and your family stay in your home safely.

Tom Armstrong

Our Mission

State Fire Marshall

The Division of the Stare Fire Marshall and the AARP have identified home hazards as a serious and significant factor on the health of Seniors. A preventable fall, or an avoidable fire, excessive carbon monoxide exposure or another event can end the ability of people to continue to “live in place”. Environmental conditions, such as mold, radon, asbestos exposure can also trigger serious health decline in that population. As an example, mold can be the source of unnecessary medical costs and reduced quality of life for a respiratory patient.

Currently, many services are provided to assist in this “quality of life” decision to remain in the home. The Stay at Home Safety program is a needed in addition to those programs provided for home health care, provision of meals, transportation needs, assistance with financial and tax issues, and other areas of need.

The Stay at Home Safety ( hereafter referred to as the “Company”) services are intended to provide the client and their family or caregivers with objective information regarding the observed condition of the systems and components of the property. This information can be used to increase the quality of life and potentially reduce health care costs and better direct the care of the property and the occupants.

Senior Home Safety Specialist Requirements

  • All inspectors must be compliant with all regulations, oversight and license requirements within the jurisdictions where they practice.
  • All inspectors must complete the Company Initial Training Program and be current on all Company Continuing Education requirements.
  • All inspectors must be compliant with Company Member Procedures and Policies.
  • All inspectors must have clear criminal clearance reports on file.
  • All inspectors must wear Company Photo Identification ID’s during all site visits.
  • All inspectors must have an identification photograph posted on the Company website for clients to verify identity.
  • All Inspectors must not visit the inspection site until assigned and confirmation of the appointment is provided to clients.
  • All inspectors will respect the privacy and health of all clients and occupants of the home and only inspect the section of the home the client gives permission to enter.

Our Procedures

  • Stay At Home Safety Inspections will be conducted AFTER a signed agreement from the Client is received. This may be electronically or physically prior to the start of the inspection.
  • Clients or occupants will receive advance notice of the inspection as well as a copy of the inspector’s photo.
  • Inspectors will use the Company provided software and checklist to inspect the rooms and items.
  • Inspector will provide an electronic copy of the report to the client or their designated representative within 24 hours after the inspection if not sooner.

Contact Our Certified Specialists

Schedule A Safety Specialist – Who can help you identify what will make your home a safer place to live in. Our team of trained and certified Stay At Home Safety Specialist know what to look for, and are available to help you STAY at home.