7 Fun Activities You Can do With Your Grand Kids When they Visit

grand kids baking cookies

Do you want to be known as the fun grandma or grandpa? The memories you make when you play with your grand kids will stay with you for the rest of your life. Here is a list of activities with grandkids that you can do and have fun along the way:

1. Peruse Family Albums

Smartphones have taken the charm away from regular photographs. Your grand kids will appreciate a vintage option that they can touch and see without a screen in between. So next time they visit, whip out those old family albums and show them to your grandchildren. Share stories about their parents’ youth with them. Better yet, dust off old videos or a film projector if you have one and show them a few slides from back in the day.

2. Play Board Games

Your grandchildren may be unfamiliar with classic board games such as Monopoly or Clue. If you have sets, take them out and set them up. Teach your grand kids the rules and you can have hours of fun. If the games are accompanied by stories, they will look forward to this fun activity every time they visit.

3. Prepare a Treasure Hunt

You don’t have to go all out and buy expensive jewelry for your grand kids to find. For a simple treasure hunt for toddlers for example, a box of crayons, a small toy or even a framed photograph of you and the child can suffice. Hide these around the house with clues leading to the prize. Have more than one grandchild? Wrap the items in colorful gift wrap and tell them to search for their assigned color. Here’s a list of different types of scavenger hunts.

4. Read Together

Reading is a tradition that will never die out. Read books that your grandchildren love (or ones their parents loved as children) out loud to them every night before bed. Tell them why those books are special to you and talk about the characters. Give them copies of the books before they leave so they have something to look forward to each time they visit.

5. Teach Your Family Cookie Recipe

Kids love cookies, but they also love to be involved. Make the moment special by showing them a recipe that was passed on to you. Make sure it is not one that is too complicated so that they can easily follow along. Have them stir the batter or add the ingredients. Be prepared for a mess. It will be well worth it though and build learning skills for the little ones!

6. Have a Movie Night

Dig out a childhood classic that they haven’t seen like Bedknobs & Broomsticks. Even an old one like that will still dazzle younger audiences. Make a night of it! Pop popcorn and pour sodas. Get some old fashioned movie theater candies. After the movie discuss what parts where your favorite or lessons learned. Here’s a list of kids movies if you are struggling to find one.

7. Go for a Nature Walk & Picnic

The great outdoors can really be an adventure for little ones. Take a shorter walk on a local park trail. Point out certain types of trees and flowers. Ask them to listen to the world around them and look for wildlife. Encourage them to pick up pine cones and fun shaped rocks. Pack a little snack or lunch to eat at a picnic table.

Bottom Line

If you wish to age in peace, make memories together with your grand kids and make sure you can enjoy the aforementioned activities with your grandchildren without wincing in pain, schedule a home safety inspection from us at Stay At Home Safety. Our experienced inspectors know what to look for and will educate you about safety solutions you can implement.